Let’s Encrypt certificate issues

At hostarium, security is one of our primary focuses. Because of this all sites issued on our platform are provided with free SSL Certificates as standard powered by Let’s Encrypt.

Earlier today Let’s Encrypt issued a security notice, regarding a bug in their issuance code that resulted in them issuing a number of certificates incorrectly. Further details can be found here.

As a result, Let’s Encrypt are revoking the validity of a large number of certificates starting at 00:00 UTC on the 4th March 2020. Revoked certificates will no longer be valid and result in SSL warnings in your browser.
Although the number of affected SSLs managed by us was low, we took the decision to re-issue every certificate so that we could be 100% sure that every site running an SSL will continue to work without issues. All certificates have now been re-issued and are no longer at risk of revocation. The process was completed completely seamlessly and without any interruption to service.