Learn more about the software and hardware that makes
Hostarium tick


Complete isolation via containerised deployments

Containerisation is a technology that allows applications to be run within isolated instances called containers. By using containers, not only does Hostarium keep your site isolated from any other within the system, it also allows us to build setups that are perfectly tuned for their respective software. There's no need for us to try and create a one-size-fits-all server configuration, just what works best for your specific application.

We make use of the industry leading Kubernetes container orchestration system, originally designed by Google for running their numerous systems.

Kubernetes makes it easy for us to get your site running and keep it running, automatically deploying your site on an appropriate worker server. In addition, it provides automatic healing technology that instantly detects and resolves issues with an application's container set.

Cloud Providers

Multiple Cloud Providers for the ultimate resiliency

As the old saying goes, you shouldn't place all your eggs in one basket. This is the attitude we have taken when creating Hostarium by making use of both Google Cloud Provider and Amazon Web Services for our platform.

Our main hosting, DNS and backup systems all run across multiple locations with multiple providers, massively reducing incidents with one provider or in a specific location from affecting the accessibility of your site.

Always Modern

Always the latest and greatest web technologies

Due to our use of containers for every aspect of our platform, we can offer the newest technology faster than the industry in general. No monolithic servers means newer versions of our stack can be safely deployed in a rolling formation, giving you the newest technology with no downtime.

Just a small sample of the advanced technology we offer:

  • HTTP/2

  • TLS 1.3

  • Brotli Compression