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We eat, sleep, swim and breathe hosting!

Hostarium offers fully managed CMS hosting for everyone.

With over 25 years of industry experience not a single WordPress plugin is too hard,
not a single Magento slowdown is too complicated.

Free Expert Support

Highly Secure Environment

Free Data Migration

High Performance

Fully WordPress Optimised

Multiple Cloud Providers


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  • Websites
  • SSD Storage (Total)
  • Database Size (Per Site)
  • Monthly Visitors
  • 2x Daily Backups


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  • Websites
  • SSD Storage (Total)
  • Database Size (Per Site)
  • Monthly Visitors
  • 2x Daily Backups


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£49.99/ month

  • Websites
  • SSD Storage (Total)
  • Database Size (Per Site)
  • Monthly Visitors
  • 2x Daily Backups

Our mission is to provide the best possible platform with every setting or module you may need carefully configured. From initial setup through to ongoing optimisation we know that the whole package matters, and our team is on standby to advise at every stage of your site’s growth.

Your Perfect Partner

Our only goal is to be your perfect partner for your online business. Hostarium is the shortest way to prosperity.

100% Hack Proof

We are 100% hack proofed - security is what we do best. Do your business and leave the rest to us.

Searching is Over

Searching for the perfect host is over – Hostarium is here. Quality, high-tech, cloud space – that is what you choose with us.

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Introducing Aqua Panel

Custom-built site management

Our all-new panel provides all the necessary information and tools to entirely control your websites in one dashboard with no marketing or upsells, just the statistics and options you need all in real time.

Advanced features, simple usage

Deploy new applications in 60 seconds or less. Install free SSL certificates. Configure domain redirects. All with a few clicks and no tech knowledge needed!

User friendly WordPress Hosting tool with sufficient power and capabilities

MyHostarium is created to perfectly match the requirements of our services so it can provide the ease,  precision and speed you need for managing your sites.

Smart control of users access rights

Administrate smart. Our platform allows you to add multiple users granted with different types of access. Enjoy all the privileges which My.Hostarium guarantees you.

So much more

This is of course just a very brief summary of how Aqua Panel makes managing your website with Hostarium a breeze. And of course, if you ever have any issues, our support team is always on hand to help.