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Hostarium: Affordable Cloud Hosting

Our Story

Founded in 2018, our mission is to make the latest cloud technologies available to everyone.

Traditionally websites have faced two choices: using cheap, overcrowded 'shared' hosting or spending large amounts of money for dedicated hardware which adds complexity and unnecessary cost.

Modern cloud services such as Google Compute and Amazon Web Services power more and more of the internet, providing high levels of resiliency and scalability. But the technical cost of entry remains extremely high, putting these advanced technologies out of reach of most users and small businesses without dedicated IT staff.

That's where Hostarium comes in. Founded by three hosting industry veterans with over 25 years of combined experience, we believe cloud technology should be available to everyone, regardless of their technical experience.

Our platform provides true next-generation capabilities, providing every website a secure, auto-healing environment, using our in-house control panel to provide quick, jargon-free website management.

Built on top of Google Cloud Platform with Amazon-powered DNS services, and with cutting-edge containerisation technology, Hostarium's industry leading hosting platform is designed with simplicity, security and scalability as the number one priorities.

Please chat to us today about your needs! Whether you have a new website or are looking to move from another provider, we will be happy to advise the best course of action.

At Hostarium, we aim to provide cloud hosting that is both easy to use yet powerful.

The most common hosting environments today are based on codebases that were started over 20 years ago. That's a lot of technical debt, and a lot of design decisions that are less efficient today than they were then.
Hostarium uses the latest cloud platforms and software stacks to provide a hosting environment that is both free of tech debt and easier to use. We aim to create a platform that is both easy for any technical levels to use, but powerful enough to fulfil even the most technical of needs.

No tech debt, No outdated designs.

The hosting industry is largely dominated by a small handful of control panels, which are big monolithic environments. By necessity, these platforms are forced into sticking with design ideals that struggle to keep up with modern needs.
Hostarium is different. Our platform is designed to be secure from the ground up, and leverage the power of modern cloud infrastructure and containerisation technology to be easily upgradeable and expandable.

Hostarium Team

The people behind Hostarium

Dom Taylor

Dom previously founded one of Europe's largest hosting firms and is highly regarded within the industry.
A born tinkerer, he has large amounts of experience with every facet of hosting tech from top to bottom.

Bruce Taylor

Bruce is our primary technical architect and loves hearing about our customers and their projects.
A geek at heart, he has been fiddling with technology and computers since an early age.

Panos Kesisis

Panos is a web hosting enthusiast since the age of 12. After working on several freelance projects and also being a leading member of one of the biggest hosting companies in the UK, he is now ready for the next challenge.